Lexus Concept Sports Car
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Lexus Concept Sports Car

In the Tom Cruise film Minority Report, Tom drove a 2054-model Toyota Lexus. Stephen Spielberg, a Lexus driver himself, approached the company to provide him with its concept of what a car might look like in fifty years time.

Lexus Concept Sports Car

This Lexus looks like a true dream car. Here's a rear view:

Lexus Concept Sports Car

This Lexus concept car of the future has the following spec sheet produced by Toyota:

Engine: Smart recharging 500 kilowatt electric engine
Curb Weight: 2300 lbs.
Chassis: Carbon Fiber & Titanium Composite Monocoque Suspension: Titanium Composite, Fully-Independent Double-Wishbone with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), Speed-Sensitive Automatic Height Control (AHC)
Brakes: Computer-Controlled, Servo/Electronic, Ceramic Hybrid Discs, and Regenerative Electric System to charge all Systems.
Wheels and Tires: 6-Spoke, Titanium Alloy, C-TEK Wheels, 22x9.5-inch with 285/30R22, High-Speed Run-Flat Tires

A very nice sports car ...

Lexus Concept Car

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An amazing Lexus concept sports car.

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