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A Round-Up of Supercharged Saloons: Pros and Cons

To look at saloon cars from a general point of view, they really are fantastic vehicles. They provide the space and convenience a family needs, while they’re equally as impressive for use as a business car. So when you add into the mix a supercharged engine and amazing performance, you’re definitely onto a winner.

That being said, with many of the major manufacturers offering such saloon cars in their respective ranges, it might be that you need a little guidance to determine which one is for you. Luckily for you then, help is at hand in this informative blog post. Here we’ve selected three saloons and given them a quick review to weigh up some of the pros and cons of each, to hopefully point you in the right direction.

The Audi RS4

This RS4 features an incredible 4.2-litre V8, picked especially from the R8 sport. As you might have guessed you certainly get a powerful and fast drive which sounds amazing. This is all the more impressive when you consider the size of this car, the long chassis sits on top of a wide track and heavy duty wheels and as such there’s plenty of room inside and out. The added benefit to this is it can come with four-wheel drive, so expect plenty of grip in all conditions.

Pros: Pacey and the V8s sound particularly impressive.

Cons: The suspension can be a little firm, especially with a full load.

The Jaguar XFR

The XFR comes with a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine, which might not be the most economical, but my word is it fast. Even with a full load you’re looking at 0-60 in about five seconds, but if you’re just looking for a saloon for cruising, this is also perfect. The suspension is finely tuned to smooth out rougher roads and it glides round sharp corners with typical Jaguar grace. What’s more, inside the cabin there’s all the exquisite commodities you’d expect from this brand, however the interior and boot aren’t as spacious its rivals.

Pros: Gorgeous Jaguar styling and irons out bumps on the road well.

Cons: Not as spacious inside as other supercharged saloons.

The BMW M5

Housed under the mighty bonnet of the M5 is an equally mighty twin-turbo, V8 engine whichoffers up to 552bhp – it’s not so great on the MPG though! The driving experience of this class-leading BMW is every bit as exciting and enjoyable as you’d expect from this fine manufacturer. The top trim levels are also very generous and accommodating, as is the amount of room you can find in the cabin.

Pros: An incredible driving experience and more practical than most supercharged saloons.

Cons: It’s the least efficient of our selection.

So, if you are interested in buying or perhaps pursuing lease or finance options to purchase your next saloon car, be sure to take on board some of the above advice. Equally, if you’re keen on a specific model that’s not featured above remember to take it for a test drive, this will give you a real sense of whether or not that particular supercharged beast fits the bill.

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