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What may be done at any time will be done at no time.在任何时候都可做的事情,总是在任何时候都不做的事情。


Time tames the strongest grief.时间能缓和极度的悲痛。


This phenomenon has caused wide public concern in many places of world.这一现象在全世界许多地方已引起了广泛关注。


There is a growing tendency for parent these days to stay at home to look after their children instead of returning to work earlier.现在,父亲或母亲留在家里照顾他们的孩子而不愿过早返回工作岗位正成为增加的趋势。


The problem of international tourism has caused wide public concern over the recent years.近些年,国际旅游的问题引起了广泛关注。


The crash of the whole solar and stellar systems could only kill you once.即使整个太阳系和星系崩溃,你也只死一次。


Students attend a boarding school would cultivate their independence as apart from their parents.离开父母上寄宿学校的学生将会培养他们的独立性。


Pleasant hours fly past.快乐时光去如飞。   It is hard to imagine a student focusing their energy on textbook while other children are playing.当别的孩子在玩耍的时候,很难想象一个学生能集中精力在课本上。


In view of the seriousness of this problem ,effective measures should be taken before things get worse.考虑到问题的严重性,在事态进一步恶化之前,必须采取有效的措施。


In the second place, from psychological aspect, the majority of children seem to tend to have an unfavorable attitude toward additional educational activities.第二,从心理上讲,大部分孩子似乎对额外的学习没有什么好感。


In addition, in order to attract tourists, a lot of artificial facilities have been built, which have certain unfavorable effects on the environment.另外,为了吸引旅游者,大量人工设施被修建,这对环境是不利的。


Happiness takes no account of time.欢娱不惜时光逝。


Great men are rarely isolated mountain-peaks; they are summits of ranges. 伟人很少是突兀的山峰;它们是众山中的最高峰。


Do as most men do and men will speak well of thee.照大多数人那样干,人们会把你称赞。


Death is the only pure, beautiful conclusion of a great passion. 死是伟大的激情的唯一的纯洁、美丽的终结。


Better late than never.迟做总比不做好。


A great man is always willing to be little. 伟大的人物总是愿意当小人物的。

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